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BLACK'S FAIRY MEADERY, LLC (BFM, LLC) is a flagship meadery established October 2017.    The business is located in West Columbia, Texas. Historic West Columbia served as the first   capital of the Republic of Texas.  BFM, LLC specializes in fruity and floral beverages that are a   combination of honey, water, and yeast.  The mixture is fermented and steeped with fruit, fruit pulp   and sometimes natural flavorings resulting in an 8% -19% alcohol content     BFM, LLC is a limited liability company owned and managed by Calvin Greene II, Terica Groves,   and Traci Kuhfuss.  The trio brings a diverse professional background and expertise that   enhances the creativity and innovative prospective that this type of business benefits from. Traci   Kuhfuss has extensive experience in home and commercial mead brewing, as well as having had   a successful career as a graphic designer, Calvin Greene II is an expert in environmental   toxicology and overseas production and development according to federal, state, and organic   guidelines.  Terica Groves provides the communications expertise with her extensive experience   with customer service.     BFM, LLC adheres to the ancient art of mead making. The company chooses several honeys,   organic fruits, spices and flavors to create unique delectable mead beverages. Each owner brings   a particular set of skills for production, operation, and customer service.     BFM, LLC has the advantage of a seasoned, award winning brewing professional Traci Kuhfuss.   The group has entered the mead in fairs, competitions and tasting where the product was praised   for the taste and flavor selections.  The company also has the benefit of a professional with   extensive experience in environmental toxicology where the aspect of raising bees and producing   organic honey is the business goal. In addition, the company owners are all seasoned   professionals with strong customer service skills.